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We specialize in delivering high quality WebHosting, using the latest technological items. We own and reliable infrastructure. Our DataCenter is certified in Level 5, high-speed links, access control systems, climate control system, UPS, Etc. At the same time we are authorized resellers of the company # 1 in domain registration, that you may be on the Internet virtually any global extension of an easy, fast and the best supported.

Corporate Bio

Corporate  HeadquatersThe company consists of dynamic and committed staff has its beginnings in mind the ideas of a dreamer with a future in which everything can be possible through the efforts, the use of best technologies and without leaving the friendly side, the customer service and quality. The union of all these elements formed the perfect mix of where Ravatech arises.

Ravatech, focuses on services that meet high quality standards. Hundreds of customers in the region, rely on our services, and know that their money is being well spent, giving back poems have a presence and an image of confidence in the network of networks (internet).

We are a rapidly growing company, where the contract any of our services, you are betting on success. Through our strategic alliances with renowned companies, we can now offer a wide range of new products, as well as solutions to re-design of Web pages


Our CEO is the creative mind of the new trends and objectives allows us to see beyond borders, avoiding large obstacles, and to move forward. It is a systems engineer, graduated from the Universidad Metropolitana, and has over 10 years of experience within application development, technology infrastructure, computer security and consulting.

Our CEO, is really a person who focuses on giving an unprecedented experience to customers. We look for all those who contract our services, feel that we are an integral part of your business that we care about them, and always will be your best choice.

Strategic Alliances

Part of the solid, security and confidence that we can offer, is based on important strategic alliances with renowned companies and each is really successful business specialty. Ravatech to carefully assessed the characteristics of each of the allies to guarantee its customers high quality standards.

ENOMDomain Names For we are allied with ENOM, one of the three global giants in domain registration and related services. Through this partnership we are able to offer really competitive prices, SSL security certificates for their servers, electronic commerce, financial transactions, etc. If your business is important to be informed, we can provide the best solution for electronic messaging and collaboration, such as MS Exchange. You need not invest in infrastructure, licenses and maintenance.

If you have a website or even think it is time for a refresh of the image to your website, then it is time to contact us. We have established a group of alliances with companies of great experience in Web application development and web oriented to any business, and with the ability to drive sales and even enter the world of electronic commerce and online payment. Some of our allies are Attias Cavallin systems, Ungravity, WebArtFactory, Vencash, digital Cocoa, Shield Guayanez, Microsoft, Banco Mercantil.

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